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Made-to-Measure Curtains in the Fabric, Colour, and Design You Want
  • Get custom-made curtains for a perfect fit
  • Select fabrics in the material and colour you want
  • Choose a design that best complements your home or office interior
  • Coordinate your curtains to match your soft furnishings
  • Consult with trusted window furnishing experts in Brisbane
Custom Window Furnishings has been in the business of designing, creating, and installing curtains (and more) in Brisbane for over 25 years. Our track record of reliability, quality workmanship, personalised service, and professionalism, has made Custom Window Furnishings one of the most trusted names in the Brisbane market.

All About Curtains

Curtains are a subtle yet critical aesthetic and functional feature in a room. You can coordinate them not only to match the design of a room but also the rest of the furnishings that complement the space.
Whatever the material or style, curtains also provide the following benefits:
  • Insulation
  • Privacy
  • Light and shade control
When selecting curtains, you first need to consider the purpose and function of the curtains you want based on the room in which they will be used. For example, if you plan to hang them up in a virtually sunless space, you may opt for lightweight, sheer material that allows maximum light to seep through whilst also ensuring privacy. On the other hand, if it’s for your bedroom where you usually like to sleep in or take afternoon naps, you may want to install black-out curtains for when you want to keep the light out, as well as translucent curtains that’ll allow some light into your room while still giving you the privacy you need.
If you have a small living area, curtains can create the illusion of additional space. Achieve this by hanging lightweight curtains that are the same hue as the walls. In the kitchen, to avoid making your space seem dull with monotonous colour, use patterned curtains with a colour that matches the overall tone of the walls.
Curtains also work as buffers against noise and sound, much like carpets do. This is why you may notice the increase in sound intensity in a room whenever you remove the curtains to be cleaned or replaced.
Last, but equally important, is the psychological effect of curtains. You may find it a bit uncomfortable to not have curtains at all even if you reside on the highest floor of your apartment building in Brisbane. Carefully selected curtains in the right shade, colour, design and material can add to your ease and comfort in your space.
So, contact Custom Window Furnishings today and achieve personalised curtains that suit both you and your propert.

Why Custom-made Curtains?

We know you’ve got your own personality and style, so why not express it in your curtain selection?
Just like the furnishings in your home or workspace, curtains deserve careful consideration and attention to detail. At Custom Window Furnishings, we’ll help you find the perfect curtain complement to the design and size of the space under consideration.
Are you looking for something elegant, fun, or unique? You'll find it here.
If you need any of the following, we’re ready to customise them:
  • Pencil-pleat curtains
  • Inverted curtains
  • Pinch-pleat curtains
  • Valances and ties
  • Sheer curtains
  • Swags and tails
At Custom Window Furnishings, we’ll make sure your made-to-measure curtains will get people talking and admiring your impeccable taste. And since your curtains are custom-made, they’ll be designed to perfectly fit the windows of your place.
We’ll help you select the best colour, fabric and design that not only reflects your personal style but also complements your room's aesthetic and provides all the functional benefits of great curtains.
Our team of professional designers, curtain-makers and installers in Brisbane are ready to work with you to ensure your custom-made curtains and other custom window furnishings satisfy your exact requirements. So, call us at Custom Window Furnishings today.